The Zili Story

Zili was born of a kind of personal and professional dilemma that inspired me to re-evaluate the “big” questions about how to promote healthy living. As a family doctor for more than ten years, I have done all I can to help patients confront and solve their personal health concerns. Yet somehow, it felt like it wasn’t enough.

I began to realize that at the end of my long days at the office, often seeing more than 30 patients each day, something didn’t feel right. I was diagnosing more patients with devastating cancers, and seeing more patients with anxiety and depression at all ages. This has made me refocus my approach to find preventative care opportunities in almost every patient visit, but it has not been easy within our current health care system. But the beauty of family practice is that there is continuity of care with patients; and over time, family physicians can accumulate a wealth of information, providing their patients are open to this exploration.

With Zili, we can take charge of our health as
a unified community; and effect sustainable
change in the way our system works.

Prevention is not just about screening tests or annual physical examinations. It’s about taking ownership of your health and creating a relationship with your family doctor, with continuity of care. It’s about making our system value family physicians, and encouraging them to be the forefront of preventative health.

I now focus on prevention with all my patients. It’s an approach that I want all Canadians to have access to. That is why Zili was created. With Zili, we can come together as a community, and help one another be accountable for our health and wellbeing. We can bring prevention to the forefront of our medical system, and decrease the load of medically ill patients in our hospitals and emergency rooms. Ultimately, we can take charge of our health as a unified community; and effect real, sustainable change in the way our system works. 

Our name


To create a community of individuals empowered and committed to enacting change in their health care and wellness; and to give back to health initiatives both locally and globally.


Zili’s mission is to provide access for all to healthy lifestyle initiatives from family doctors and other allied health care professionals, working synergistically to benefit the individual. In doing so, we can improve lives and give back to our communities, both locally and around the world. We aim to accomplish this through


Zili will offer conferences and information seminars to help our communities understand the value of preventative health, and to encourage patients and health care providers to take ownership of their health and to improve our healthcare system.

2) SuPPORT Health InitiativeS AND EQUITY

The Zili community will promote and support health initiatives, enacting a culture shift of lifestyle change across Canada and beyond. Zili believes in gender equity when it comes to access to health locally, nationally and globally.

3) Connection and Information TooL/APP

Zili will offer tools to connect individuals to their family doctor as their preventative health advocates, alongside allied health care professionals. The digital platform will connect individuals with their own communities to keep them accountable to their preventative health goals. Zili will have a strong preventative health information search tool, providing access to evidence-based, pro-health resources based on the six pillars of health.

OUR Promise 

Zili promotes and supports preventative health initiatives in Canada and across the globe.

OUR Focus

Preventative integrative health: ZILI is the face of prevention and is accessible to all.

OUR Values

  1. Universal and personalized: Customized to your values and life practices with a universal chart that integrates the Medicare system with non-Medicare-covered allied health care.

  2. Preventative: Proactively caring for your mind, body and spirit.

  3. Knowledgeable: Integrative, evidenced-based health information that is easy to understand.

  4. User-friendly: Connect to ZILI and navigate with ease.

  5. Communal: Fostering a sense of belonging and support that helps facilitate personal accountability for individual health.