Women’s Preventative Health Conference

Saturday June 3rd, 2017
West Building, Vancouver Convention Centre
(1055 Canada Place, V6C 0C3 )
9am – 3:30pm


The Zili Women’s Health Experience

Changing the way we understand healthcare.

Immerse yourself in an informative, collaborative health and wellness experience that will inspire you to reimagine the power of health care. Evidence-based info sessions with some of the city's leading physicians and health care practitioners range from patient-centered health care to your ever changing hormones ; from managing anxiety to aging parents, from happy kids and happy parents to your relationship with food and more.

Alongside invaluable preventative health information, you will enjoy breakfast, mid-morning smoothies, lunch (including cash wine bar), yoga, and meditation techniques, broadening the scope of wellness and providing an opportunity to connect with your community of like-minded peers. Together, we can work toward a brighter future of health care that empowers each individual, and overcome some of the many health challenges inherent in both our society and our health care system.

Our robust panel of experts includes medical doctors in family practice, gynecology, psychiatry, plastic surgery, pediatrics, internal medicine, cardiology; physiotherapist, dietitian, an executive life coach, and more. All proceeds will be donated to local and global women’s health initiatives.

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Organizer: Zili

Zili (Zeineddin Improve Life Initiative) is a not for profit organization that promotes evidence-based preventative health information from local family physicians, specialists and allied health care professionals. Zili is the brainchild of Dr Maryam Zeineddin, MD, a family physician who owns and manages a full-service medical centre on Vancouver’s north shore. The Zili mission is to foster a community of support for preventative health initiatives in Canada and across the globe, committed to making a change in the way both patients and physicians approach health and wellness.


To create a community of women empowered and committed to enacting change in their health care and wellness; and to give back to women’s health initiatives both locally and globally.


  1. To provide evidence-based preventative health information and tools from respected local family doctors, specialists and allied health care professionals.
  2. To create a fun and enlightened collaborative experience for participants and speakers with breakfast, lunch, and intermission yoga and meditation.
  3. To encourage participants to take ownership of their health and to increase their knowledge of health and wellbeing.
  4. To create a community of collaboration and support, and to empower healing from the inside out.                                                              
  5. To introduce Zili (Zeineddin Improve Life Initiative), a not for profit organization that promotes evidence-based preventative health information, connecting patients to communities that support their goals, promoting family physicians as the quarterbacks of our health care system, and giving back to preventative health initiatives both locally and globally.


  • The Zili Story And Why Prevention And Screening Tools
    Maryam Zeineddin, Family Physician & Zili Chair
  • Aging Parents
    Nicole Barre, Family Physician
  • Your Relationship with Food
    Sandeep Bhatha, Dietitian
  • Transformation from the Inside Out
    Callie Bland, Coach and Registered Nurse
  • Meditation Session
    Laureen Block, Energetic Healing Practitioner
  • Women and the Heart
    Annie Chou, Cardiologist
  • I Think My Hormones are Out of Whack
    Kerstin Gustafson, Obstetrician/Gynecologist
  • Parenting Resilient Kids
    Keyvan Hadad, Pediatrician
  • Learning to Fly: Bringing Mindfulness, Intention and Connection to Medicine
    Maureen Mayhew, Family & Public Health Physician
  • Sex for Life
    Maureen McGrath, Host, Sunday Night Sex Show, News Talk 980, CKNW
  • Mind/Body Connection and Anxiety and Depression
    Diane McIntosh, Psychiatrist 
  • How to Avoid and Screen for the Top Four Chronic Conditions
    Kevin McLeod, Internal Medicine Specialist
  • Meditation as Medicine: How to Avoid Chronic Inflammation and Enjoy Lightness of Being! 
    Siobhan O’Connell, Physiotherapist
  • Truths and Myths of Cosmetic Surgery
    Jennifer Prince, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
  • Movement Breaks
    Megan Walker-Straight, Lead Teacher, Dancing for Parkinsons

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