Women’s Preventative Health Conference

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Saturday, October 5, 2019

About The Conference

The Zili conference brings together a community of over 300 women, health advocates, physicians, and allied healthcare professionals for a full day women’s preventative healthcare conference at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Participants are immersed in evidence-based presentations and discussions about the mind-body connection of healthy living. The sessions will cover topics ranging from mindfulness, nutrition, health screenings, and ways to improve your overall health proactively.

The conference also offers a forum for connection amongst participants. Interactive sessions will aim to build relationships among women of all ages, empowering one another to own their health and finding a voice to bring preventative care and women’s health to the forefront of our healthcare system.

Why Attend The Zili Women’s preventative health conference?

The Zili Conference is more about the movement to bring women in our community together to: 

1. Gain insight and awareness of how to improve your own mental and physical health with evidence driven information on holistic mind body and soul connection. 

2. Surround yourself and learn and collaborate with women from all walks of life with expert health care and allied health professionals right by your side. 

3. Make yourself heard that it’s about time we put women’s health at the forefront of our health care system with preventative health measures in mind and ways to improve our health by giving incentives for more research, better universal primary care and better access to women’s and preventative health.

2019 Location: Vancouver Convention Centre


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